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Friday, 18 January 2013

Temple Run 2 Free Download.

Required Android: 2.1 and Up.
Temple Run 2 is the exciting sequel to the original breakout mega-­‐hit endless runner, Temple Run. Featuring the game play that has entertained millions of players, Temple Run 2 offers fans a chance to explore a beautiful new world enhanced with high resolution visuals. Players must fly down zip lines or speed along in mine carts to escape the clutches of the temple dwellers. With new characters, power-­‐ups, abilities and achievements,Temple Run 2 continues the adventure where the first game left off.Temple Run 2 is same as Temple Run, with a simple set of touchscreen gestures used to control your runner. Swipe up to jump, swipe left and right to turn and swipe down to slide. These are the basic tools for avoiding the obstacles in your path, while collecting coins and power-ups along the way – the former by tilting your device right and left to run over the lines of coins.
New Features Added In Temple run 2:
The graphics have been noticeably bumped up in quality, with the scenery around you noticeably richer in detail. Developer Imangi Studios used the Unity development platform for Temple Run 2, and has convincingly fleshed out the game's world.There is some obvious "pop-up" on display – rocky crags and scenery that seems to pop up out of nowhere – but there's never any slowdown that impacts on the gameplay.a mine-cart section where your character reaches the mouth of a mine then leaps into a cart, which you then steer safely through forks by tilting left and right, while ducking under stray beams.As before, there are several characters you can play. Four initially: Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, Barry Bones and Karma Lee. Unlike the first game, the differences between them aren't purely cosmetic, thanks to the use of power-ups.Shield protects you from obstacles, Boost whizzes you ahead at a faster pace, Coin Magnet attracts all the coins – all for a limited time.Any character can grab these power-ups within the game by jumping into the air when they spot one hovering, but each character also has one power-up built in, triggered by double-tapping when they've collected enough coins to fill up a coin meter on the left-hand side of the screen.These are some new features in Temple Run 2 Now lets watch the trailer.

Download Temple Run 2: Click Here. [LINK 1] For Armv6

Download Temple Run 2: Click Here. [LINK 2] For Android.

Download Temple Run 2: Click Here. [LINK 3] For Android.

Download Temple Run 2: Click Here. [LINK 4] For Android. UPDATED.

Install APK and Play. 

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