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Monday, 11 February 2013

C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD Free Download.

2.3 and up.

CHAOS (Combat helicopter assault operational simulator) - is a multiplayer game - simulator helicopters. Get new titles, please be experience, upgrade your helicopter and deter the enemy! 
In CHAOS you step into the pilot's seat and get the experience of fierce air battles, managing one of the most powerful helicopters in the world. 
Secret organization called H.A.O.S. created a bunch of dictators who have lost their rule, and now set their sights on world domination. As a brave pilot, you were hired to prevent the expansion of their influence in other countries. You accepted the challenge and save the world from terror! 
So, if you are ready, then get in a cab, start the engine and forget about the fact that you only have only a helicopter simulator. Easy movement is enough to subdue the powerful complex machine. Control lever for yourself - and you soar higher and higher, feel the power of the helicopter, explore the limits of its capabilities. 
CHAOS - this is not a fantasy, but assembled in the same virtual space, the best attack helicopters around the world. Realistic Simulation of helicopter - a school of pilot training, open to all. With it, we will be able to learn all the details: construction, aerodynamic characteristics, optimal use, flight navigation systems, the use of weapons systems, etc. Be meticulous in virtual battles you have no indulgences. 
The helicopter - a unique aircraft designed to take off and land vertically on a non-equipped playgrounds, decks of a ship, and even the roofs of buildings to hover at an altitude of 6000 meters, with lightning speed to turn in a horizontal plane, fly sideways, forward tail. Powerful modern weapons systems, high maneuverability, armor strong and effective reflection of an attack, make a formidable attack helicopters effective weapon, without which no cost, no modern military conflict. Military helicopters are designed to perform various combat missions: fire support, assault, reconnaissance, transport, rescue, fire, and many, many others. Availability and composition of fleet of combat helicopters largely determines the level of equipment of the armed forces of a State. 
In addition to the helicopter player in the game is modeled by a large number of other helicopters, naval and ground military vehicles driven computer program, or artificial intelligence (AI). They help create a variety of combat situations by. Successfully coping with combat tasks, the character, created and controlled by the player, raises its rating and increases in rank. 
The game can function as a standalone (offline), and in multi-network (online) mode. 
Game genre is a blend of the simulator, shooter and role-playing (RPG). 
Simulator allows intuitively control the helicopter, complex maneuvers and use different weapons systems. 
Allows the shooter to use weapons helicopter directly observing the goals as the pilot's eye (from the helicopter), and from the side. 
RPG allows the player to choose different types of helicopters, configure them, increasing their combat capabilities, to accumulate experience for the selected characters and earn "play" money. 
Familiarity with the game will not take much time, and careful optimization makes it possible to use it on various mobile devices and personal computers. 
Helicopter simulator CHAOS - a game that challenges you. Can you answer it? 
The choice of helicopters of different manufacturers from USA, Russia and Europe, such as the AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk, Hind, Ka-52 Alligator, RAH-66 Comanche, and many others! Solve the problem, go through the crucible of air combat and defeat the enemy! 

  1. Realistic helicopter simulator 
  2. Highly detailed helicopter models from different manufacturers 
  3. Realistic visual and sound effects 
  4. The actual site of the battle 
  5. Eight training missions to prepare for the real battle madness in the air 
  6. Improve their helicopters 
  7. Online game mode: Death Match 
  8. Modernization of the helicopter 
  9. Two exciting multiplayer modes: Death match and team play.
CHAOS Tournament is a possibility to experience new battle adventures in the air, but in even harder and more competitive environment. If you are an experienced pilot check your fighting skills keeping to the hard rules of tournaments with those having serious experience in combat helicopter control. If you are a beginner prove that you are a rising star or… fall down the skies. The motto of CHAOS Tournament is: There will be the only one the sky!

Download C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD: Click Here.

Download Cache: Click Here. [OBB FILE.]

Cache File Is Necessary.
How To Install:
  • The path for the cache: sdcard/Android/obb.

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  1. the game is not loading showing a black screen

  2. have u downloaded the data files and installed it properly if den install it and after then there is any problem please do comment...!!!

  3. YES ive already downloaded the data files and copied them to the respective directory but its still not loading.after the black screeen the phone automatically locks

    1. wait for few days i will upload new link on it and for that...!!!!


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